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Relocation Consultancy

Taking the strain out of your business relocation or commercial relocation

You’re preparing to relocate your company and have been searching for corporate relocation companies, but they never seem to cater to your needs. At LSM we'll act as your relocation consultant and help you find the right location, negotiate the lease and look at your space planning. What's more, we'll oversee the successful move of your company, and all of its assets, without disrupting your business.

With our proven track record in business relocation or commercial relocation, we’ll take care of the whole process, providing you with precise timetables and actions that will take into consideration your unique set of interest and needs. With one of our relocation consultants on board, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your employees can leave the office on Friday and arrive at the new premises on the Monday morning ready to begin work as usual (with all phones and computers set up). A seamless, stress free process.

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shutterstock_582626977-e8d9d380 Location Strategy Management - Relocation Consultancy

Corporate Objectives

Agreeing The Parameters Of The Project

  • Managing confidentiality
  • Agreeing project criteria
  • Style of building
  • Corporate policies
  • Space planning and conceptual design
  • Business Criteria
  • Reduction in cost base

Property Objectives

  • Image - size - style - concept
  • Flexibility to accommodate current and future needs, change and growth
  • Efficient running of our buildings
  • Development opportunities
  • Prioritising your assets

Human Resource Considerations

  • Location Validation
  • Relocation policy
  • Risk assessment
  • Managing confidentiality
  • Travel to work analysis
  • Analysis of staff and job activity

IT & Communications

Managing Your Communication Requirements

  • Review of existing communications
  • Agreeing communications for new building
  • Scoping the communication requirements
  • Budget & lead time analysis
  • Programme
  • Move risk

Finance & Programme

  • Programme commencement and duration. Forecasting and tracking
  • Budget forecasting and tracking
  • Finance of move and major procurement
  • Funding of relocation

Building & Security Matters

  • Work station standards
  • Mechanical, electrical & fresh air
  • Facility Management
  • Protection of people, assets, property and information

Location & Access

  • Infrastructure
  • Road, rail, air links
  • Local shops
  • Housing


  • Assistance with lease documentation