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Our Services

Our services can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. Initially we act as a business and relocation consultant – assessing your needs, running risk management assessments and coming up with the best solution.

Consider how complex your own domestic move is; then think what this might mean when it comes to a business relocation or office move and you throw in a quagmire of other factors. From choosing a location, to buying / building a property, reviewing your employees needs, your physical assets, right through to IT and communications... we can guide you through.

We’ll guide you through the entire process - from initial strategy to design, build or commercial fit out - selecting the services that are right for you. With experience in most industry sectors, our business is broken down into two core divisions:


Our relocation consultants and location consultants will carry out the strategic evaluation of your business, property or business relocation requirements, establishing feasibility, exploring relocation grant eligibility and ensuring minimum disruption through risk management assessments.

Project Management

Our relocation project management team will carry out everything from design, build and commercial fit out, to carrying out a business relocation or office move, to establishing and testing your IT, Data and Communications needs. 

Delivering Worldwide

We’ve a proven record of successful projects across the UK, Western, Central and Eastern Europe; Asia and the Far East, Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau; with UK Trade (UK TI) we also actively promote the UK as a gateway to Europe for North American companies. Our involvement is backed by visits to the States and Canada on Trade missions. We also partner with CAC, who are business and location consultants in China, to explore opportunities for those companies wishing to move or start up in Europe.